Transfection Reagents

We developed broadly acting transfection reagents to modify mammalian cells with plasmid DNA, siRNA, mRNA and other nucleic acids.


The foundation of our transfection reagents is based on cationic lipopolymers with optimal balance of cationic charge and hydrophobic (lipid) group. By systematically altering the polymeric backbone and the nature of lipid group, a library of transfection reagents has been generated.


Some of the transfection reagents are broadly acting, functioning in different cell types with different nucleic acids. Others display high specificity, where they are exceptionally effective in particular cell types for particular nucleic acid delivery.

The key advantages of our delivery vehicles are:


  • Multivalent interactions with nucleic acids leading to strong binding of cargo that withstand disruptive forces in transit through cell membranes.
  • Synergetic effects due to cationic and lipidic binding that coat the cargo and protect it from nucleases.
  •  Lipidic moieties that enhance interactions with cell membrane and internalization.
  • pH buffering capacity that facilitate escape of cargo from endosomes.
  • Tailored formulations to free nucleic acids once internalized in cytoplasm. 
The transfection reagents have been optimized for the following cell models and applications:

Primary Cells

Attachment Dependent

Attachment Independent

Cell Lines

Attachment Dependent


Animal Models

For a classification our transfection reagents by cell type, please see our Transfection Reagent Selection Guide.


For a detailed description of our transfection reagents please see our summary of reagents page. Once you decide the right transfection reagent for your application, please proceed to our Store to place an order. We provide 30% discount for first-time customers; please use coupon code firsttime_30 in check-out.


Using a cell type or model that’s not on our list? We now offer screening services that can help find the best RJH reagent for your system


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