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About us

RJH Biosciences is a biotechnology company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We develop novel transfection reagents and delivery systems that transport different types of nucleic acids to a range of human cells and cell lines. We develop value-added products in two commercial segments, as transfection reagents for biomedical R&D enterprise and as nucleic acid delivery vehicles for preclinical and clinical applications. The same transfection reagents are used in our own R&D projects that focus on blood cancers and modification of immune cells.
The company was founded by Dr. Hasan Uludag, Dr. Remant K.C, and Dr. Juliana Valencia-Serna in December 2016 based on a long history of technical expertise in transfection reagent and delivery vehicle development at the University of Alberta.

Our Vision

Our focus is to realize the full potential of nucleic acids for human health. We design and develop unique, high quality materials for effective delivery of nucleic acids to meet the emerging needs in biomedical enterprises. We are dedicated to understanding the performance of our products and improving our products such that they meet the needs of our customers. We work closely with our customers, fellow researchers, and scientists to realize shared scientific and technical aspirations. We empower our product users to go further, to see beyond and overcome impediments that has not been possible before. We recognize the continually evolving advancements nucleic acid science and technology and tailor our products to meet the demands of the new technologies.