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Providing R&D Services in Transfection Technologies
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Delivering different nucleic acids
in preclinical animal models
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Transfecting suspension cells
with different nucleic acids
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Tailored transfection reagents
for primary cells
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RJH is Global
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RJH Biosciences is a biotechnology company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We develop novel transfection reagents and delivery systems that transport different types of nucleic acids to a range of human cells and cell lines.

We develop value-added products in two commercial segments, as transfection reagents for biomedical R&D enterprise and as nucleic acid delivery vehicles for preclinical and clinical applications. We also offer R&D service contracts relating to transfection technologies in order to fully support our customers and their novel nucleic acid technologies. 

The company was founded by Dr. Hasan Uludag, Dr. Remant K.C, and Dr. Juliana Valencia-Serna in December 2016 based on a long history of technical expertise in transfection reagent and delivery vehicle development at the University of Alberta.

Our Services

Transfection Reagents

View our Transfection Reagent Product Catalogue or visit our Store

R&D Services

We provide R&D services that will help you find the perfect transfection reagent for your experiments and aid the validation of your technology.

Clinical Development

We are developing novel drug delivery systems to effectively deliver nucleic acids therapeutics in a clinical setting.


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