Oct 2021 Newsletter


RJH Biosciences aims to provide the best transfection reagents for your experimental endeavors. We work closely with our customers and collaborators to ensure that their precious nucleic acid cargo is effectively transported into target cells, every time.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) therapy has become an alternative to DNA therapies as it avoids several limiting barriers associated with DNA delivery. mRNA can efficiently modify hard-to-transfect cells since it does not require entry into the nuclear compartment and avoids the integration of foreign material into the host genome.

Despite its promise, the critical issue with mRNA delivery is its deployment by an effective delivery system. RJH Biosciences is dedicated to developing safe and effective nucleic acid delivery systems, including mRNA-Fect, which has been optimized for mRNA delivery to a variety of call lines and primary cells.

Transfecting Attached and Suspended Cells with mRNA-Fect

TRAIL mRNA Killing of Breast Cancer Cells Using mRNA-Fect

Control of Tumors Using mRNA-Fect and TRAIL mRNA in a Mouse Model



mRNA-Fect: mRNA Transfection Reagent

  • For attachment-dependent and suspension growing cells such as primary stem cells, immune cells (primary and cell lines), and various cancer cell lines
  • Optimized for mRNA transfection in cell culture and animal models


Get personalized advice from an RJH representative on the best transfection methods for a specific application. We look forward to working with you soon.


If you publish a peer-reviewed manuscript with our transfection reagents, contact us (rjhbiosciences@gmail.com) to claim a $200 gift certificate for use anywhere.

For assistance in choosing the appropriate reagent, please see our selection guide