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Improve your Transfection Efficiency using RJH Reagents and Screening Services

There are times when transfection of cells can be difficult and tedious. Furthermore, standard commercial reagents may not provide efficient nucleic acid delivery for your specific experimental system. RJH Bioscience is now providing screening services in which we tailor transfection reagents for your choice of nucleic acid cargo and target cell type. Although we offer optimized transfection reagents for various applications (see our products page for more information) we can also help develop reagents for new cell types or aid in transfection of difficult experimental models. Our goal is to provide you with a successful delivery system formulated for maximal transfection. We can optimize the transfection of various primary cells, cell lines, and animal models. Our expertise is particularly with the transfection of suspension cells such as immune cells and other blood resident cells.

Transfection Reagent Screening Service

Our transfection reagent screening is a simple process in which we can utilize pDNA, mRNA, siRNA or any other nucleic acid of your choice along with the cell type you are interested in, and analyze the transfection efficiency using RJH Biosciences reagents. We have over 1000 different formulations to choose from so that we can find the optimal reagent for your experiments. We have previously undertaken reagent optimization for specific applications and for siRNA library screens. As a representative case, the following screen was undertaken to identify suitable transfection reagents unique for lung cancer, lymphoma and breast cancer cells:


Benefits of using our Services

  • Affordability
  • Time saved from time-consuming and laborious screening/optimization protocols
  • Improved delivery of nucleic acids to specific cell types
  • Reliable and consistent nucleic acid delivery
  • Identification of unique reagents optimized for your cell type.

Benefits of using our Reagents

  • Multivalent interactions with nucleic acids leading to strong binding of cargo that withstand disruptive forces in transit through cell membranes.
  • pH buffering capacity that facilitate escape of cargo from endosomes.
  • Lipidic moieties that enhance interactions with cell membrane and internalization.
  • Synergistic effects that coat the cargo and protect it from nucleases.
  • Tailored formulations to free nucleic acids once internalized in cytoplasm.
  • Aqueous buffers that obviate exposure of cells to organic solvents.

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All information provided will be kept confidential.

Terms of services:

The information given to RJH Biosciences through this form or otherwise will be kept confidential unless the customer agrees to data release that will be used for promotional purposes (such as the testimonial or application notes on the RJH website) only. Services will only commence after confirmation by the customer and RJH Biosciences (discussions to verify the optimal screening process will occur prior to confirmation). RJH Biosciences has a typical service turnaround time of 30 days, which may vary depending on screening requirements and success in transfection. RJH Biosciences does not guarantee that the screening services will be successful, and we will be able to effectively deliver nucleic acid in every system. If unsuccessful, a monetary refund equivalent to 30% of the project costs will be given to the customer.


RJH Biosciences is not liable for experimental limitations after the screening services has been finished and data has been collected, although we can provide additional resources and consultation if said issues arise. RJH Biosciences cannot guarantee the success of screening services. RJH Biosciences cannot guarantee the success of the optimal transfection reagent observed if used in other cell lines and primary cell lines that are different from the originally tested. RJH Biosciences cannot also guarantee the success of our screened reagent in different models (i.e. reagents used in a cell line screen thereafter used in an animal model or clinical model).

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