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in vivo RNA-Fect Vial of Transfection Reagent

In Vivo RNA-Fect:
RNAi Transfection Reagent

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  • For siRNA administration in animal models
  • Direct administration into specific sites (e.g. intratumorally) or systematic administration
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In Vivo RNA-Fect:

In Vivo RNA-Fect is a highly effective synthetic amphiphilic polymer reagent for siRNA transfection in animal models. The complexation between the siRNA and In Vivo RNA-Fect occurs in aqueous buffers, obviating the need for organic solvents during preparation. In Vivo RNA-Fect is a non-integrating carrier of siRNA, so that the genetic make-up of host cells is not altered after treatment with the transfection reagent. In Vivo RNA-Fect has been tested and found effective after administration via systemic routes, such as intravenous and intraperitoneal.


Property In Vivo RNA-Fect
Nucleic Acid siRNA
Transfection Type Transient, In-Vivo
High Throughput Compatible
Buffer Aqueous
Storage Temperature -20ºC – 4ºC
Shelf Life at -20ºC ~1 year

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