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Prime-Fect vial of Transfection reagent

Primary Cell Transfection Reagent

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  • Optimized for primary cells
  • pDNA transient transfection
  • Mesenchymal stem cells, and highly differentiated cells

Prime-Fect: Designed for Primary Cell Transfection

Prime-Fect has been crafted as a highly effective reagent for primary cell transfection plasmid DNA. It is capable of undergoing multivalent interactions with polynucleotides and encapsulating co-incubated polynucleotides into 100-200 nm particles with a net positive charge. The complexation between the polynucleotides and the Prime-Fect occurs in aqueous buffers, obviating the need for organic solvents during preparation. As a non-integrating carrier, the genetic make-up of host cells is not altered after treatment with the transfection reagent. Prime-Fect has also been tested and found effective in different types of attachment dependent cell lines for siRNA delivery. As with all transfection reagents, formulations of Prime-Fect with nucleic acid may need to be optimized for specific cell types and transfection conditions. Learn More


Property Prime-Fect
Nucleic Acid pDNA, siRNA
Cell Types Primary (pDNA), and other cell lines (siRNA)
Transfection Type Transient
High Throughput Compatible
Serum Compatible
Buffer Aqueous
Storage Temperature 4ºC
Shelf Life at -20ºC ~1 year


Transfections per 1  mL of Prime-Fect:

Plate Size Number of Transfections
6-well (1200 µL/well) 80 – 240
24-well (800 µL/well) 80 – 200
48-well (400 µL/well) 160 – 410
96-well (200 µL/well) 330 – 830

Validated Cell Types:

Umbilical Cord Blood Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UCB-MSC) Breast Cancer Cells (MDA-231, MDA-435, MDA-468, SUM-149PT, MCF-7)
Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Steam Cells (BM-MSC) Kidney Epithelial Cells (MDCK)
Human Lymphoma Cells (U-937) Human Lymphoma Cells (U-937)


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