Leu-Fect A & B: Leukaemia Cell Transfection Reagents


  • For attachment-independent (suspension-growing) cells
  • Each Leu-Fect formulations is specifically tailored for different types of suspension growing cells
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Leu-Fect A & B: Leukaemia Cell Transfection Reagents

Leu-Fect A and B are a highly effective transfection reagent for attachment independent (suspension-growing) cells. Leu-Fect A and B were originally designed as leukaemia cell transfection reagents but, have proven effective on other suspension growing cells and adherent cells. Leu-Fect is a synthetic amphiphilic polymer that was specifically tailored for siRNA delivery to leukaemia cells. It is capable of undergoing multivalent interactions with siRNA and encapsulating co-incubated siRNA molecules into 100 nm particles with a net positive charge. The complexation between the siRNA and Leu-Fect occurs in aqueous buffers, obviating the need for organic solvents during preparation. Leu-Fect A and B are a non-integrating carrier of siRNA, so that the genetic make-up of host cells is not altered after treatment with the transfection reagent. Leu-Fect has been tested and found effective in different types of attachment-independent cells, but users are advised to test the efficacy of the reagent in their particular cell type in order to choose the right formulation for long-term use. As with all transfection reagents, formulation of Leu-Fect with siRNA may need to be optimized for specific cell types.

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Cell Growth of K562 Suspension Cells with Leu-Fect B

Growth of K562 cells after control (scrambled) and BCR-ABL siRNA delivery by Leu-Fect-B 3 days after transfection.

K562 Suspension Cell Transfection with Leu-Fect B vs Lipofectamine

BCR-ABL mRNA analysis for cells treated with control and BCR-ABL siRNA 2 days after transfection. Growth of K562 cells after control (scrambled) and BCR-ABL siRNA delivery by Leu-Fect-B 3 days after transfection. 


PropertyLeu-Fect ALeu-Fect B
Nucleic AcidsiRNAsiRNA
Cell TypesSuspension-growingSuspension-growing
Transfection TypeTransientTransient
High ThroughputCompatibleCompatible
Storage Temperature-20 ºC4 ºC
Shelf Life at -20 ºC1 year1 year


Transfections per 1  mL of Leu-Fect A or B

Plate SizeNumber of Transfections
6-well (1200 µL/well)80 – 240
24-well (800 µL/well)125 – 250
48-well (400 µL/well)250 – 500
96-well (200 µL/well)500 – 1000


Validated Cell Types:

Leu-Fect A (siRNA Delivery)Leu-Fect B (siRNA Delivery)
Chronic myeloid leukaemia cells (K562)Acute myeloid leukaemia cells (THP1)
Mononuclear Cells (MNC) from CML patientsMononuclear Cells (MNC) from CML patients