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RNP Transfection Reagent

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  • Provides effective delivery into  attachment dependent and suspension cells
  • Optimized for delivery of sgRNA:Cas9 complexes
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CRISP-Fect: RNP Transfection Reagent

The CRISP-Fect reagent is a highly effective transfection reagent optimized for ribonucleoprotein (RNP) delivery to both attachment-dependent and suspension-growing cells. CRISP-Fect is able to bind RNPs complexes of Cas9 endonuclease and sgRNA. Upon co-incubation, the transfection reagent forms 50-150 nm particles with RNPs that bear a net positive charge. The formation of complexes is performed in aqueous buffers without any organic solvents during preparation. CRISP-Fect is a non-integrating reagent and does not cause genetic changes on its own after treatment. CRISP-Fect has been confirmed to provide effective delivery of Cas9 RNPs in different cell types as noted on our Transfection Reagent selection guide. Figure 1 shows typical delivery of RNPs to attachment-dependent cells (breast cancer cells) and suspension-growing cells (Jurkat T-cells). As with all transfection reagents, formulations of CRISP-Fect with the intended cargo may need to be optimized for specific cell types and transfection conditions.


RNP delvery in jurkat and breast cancer cells compared to lipofectamine and jetoptimu
Figure 1: A) Left. Transfection of Jurkat T-cells and breast cancer MDA-MB-436 cells using CRISP-Fect. sgRNA/Cas9 complexes (RNP) were formulated with indicated transfection reagents and added to the cells for 24 hours. RNP uptake was followed by using FITC-labeled Cas9. The results are summarized as arbitrary fluorescence units, indicating the average amount of RNPs delivered per cell.  Right: Percentage of cells with RNPs delivered. B) Left. Transfection of Jurkat T-cells with RNPs formulated at different ratios of Cas9/sgRNA using CRISP-Fect also tracked by FITC-labelled Cas9 and summarized as arbitrary units. Right. Percentage of cells with RNPs delivered. Lipofectamine 2000 and jetOptimus were used as commercial references.



Property CRISP-Fect
Technology Polymeric
Nucleic Acid RNP
Cell Types Suspension, Attachment
Transfection Type Transient
High Throughput Compatible
Serum Compatible
Buffer Aqueous
Storage Temperature -20 ºC
Shelf Life at -20 ºC ~1 year

Transfections per 1  mL of CRISP-Fect:

Plate Size Number of Transfections
6-well (1200 µL/well) 40 – 330
24-well (800 µL/well) 60 – 500
48-well (400 µL/well) 125 – 1000
96-well (200 µL/well) 250 – 2000

Validated Cell Types:

CRISP-Fect (sgRNA:Cas9 RNP Delivery)
Breast cancer cells (MDA-MB-436)
Jurkat T cells
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells