News Release: February 19, 2021

RJH Biosciences Inc. builds collaborations with biotechnology companies for therapeutic development

RJH Biosciences persues novel reagents for CRISPR and mRNA-based therapies

EDMONTON, ALBERTA — February 19, 2021— RJH Biosciences Inc., an emerging biotechnology company, has announced exciting collaborations with CasZyme LLC and Kernal Biologics to further develop its nucleic acid delivery and cell transfection platforms. Through these collaborations, RJH Biosciences products will be developed for use in respective CRISPR-Cas9 editing applications and mRNA therapeutics.

The advancement of globally accessible blood cancer and immune therapies has been the primary goal of RJH Biosciences. Nucleic acid agents have been increasingly utilized for providing solutions to wide-ranging diseases such as cancers and vaccine development. RJH Biosciences has teamed up with Kernal Biologics (Boston MA) to validate the emerging mRNA technology in cancer therapeutics. Kernal Biologics focuses on novel mRNA agents for therapeutic use in cancer and Covid-19 vaccine development. RJH Biosciences nucleic acid delivery and transfection reagents are being evaluated for mRNA reagents prepared by Kernal Biologics with the goal of creating the most effective delivery system for mRNA agents.

RJH Biosciences additionally established a collaboration with CasZyme (Vilnius, Lithuania) for development of nucleic acid delivery systems for CRISPR-Cas9 based genetic editing system. CRISPR gene editing is quickly becoming a large contender for use in gene-based therapies as well as in diagnostic tools. CasZyme focuses on developing novel molecular tools for Cas9 mediated gene editing as well as advancing the CRISPR-Cas9 technology in various applications. Reagents provided by RJH Biosciences will aid the validation of novel CRISPR-Cas9 systems and application development for both companies.

“The collaborations with CasZyme and Kernal Biologics have nicely complemented the internal R&D programs at RJH Biosciences so far. We are looking forward to accelerating the progression of the core technologies of all companies involved, and creating new delivery agents to realize the potential of functional nucleic acids”, said Dr. Hasan Uludag, a biomedical engineer and the President of RJH Biosciences. The collaborations with Kernal Biologics and CasZyme LLC will aid RJH Biosciences in their overall goals of producing novel delivery tools and advanced therapies targeting blood cancer and immune disorders.

About RJH Biosciences Inc.

RJH Biosciences Inc. is a University of Alberta spin-off company that develops transfection and delivery agents for nucleic acids. The goal of the company is to create effective therapies using nucleic acids to realize the dream of gene-based medicines. The company distributes its products via its website or through several global distributors and undertakes projects on new medical treatments. More information about the company can be found at

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