January 2021 Newsletter

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Nature Spinoff Prize 2020

Welcome 2021 with New Reagents for Nucleic Acid Delivery

RJH Biosciences is an emerging company that develops unique transfection agents and delivery vehicles for nucleic acids. We combine polymeric and lipid moieties to provide more stable delivery that can be extended to animal models and ultimately to clinical settings. Key advantages of our delivery vehicles are:

  • Multivalent interactions with nucleic acids leading to strong binding of cargo that withstand disruptive forces in transit through cell membranes.
  • pH buffering capacity that facilitate escape of cargo from endosomes.
  • Lipidic moieties that enhance interactions with cell membrane and internalization.
  • Synergistic effects that coat the cargo and protect it from nucleases.
  • Tailored formulations to free nucleic acids once internalized in cytoplasm.
  • Aqueous buffers that obviate exposure of cells to organic solvents.

RJH reagents are designed to facilitate your studies in cell culture and animal models in a way that is safe and reliable. Our reagents are particularly tailored for suspension growing cells such as blood and immune cells.

Transfection Reagents and Representative Cell Types Modified

Table of Cell types tested and nucleic acid cargo according to RJH Biosciences transfection products

For more information, check out our brochure, resources, or see our website .

Transfection with RJH Reagents and Other Commercial Reagents

pDNA and mRNA delivery into Jurkat cells. All-Fect from RJH Biosciences vs leading transfection products

GFP expression with pDNA or mRNA in Jurkat T-cells and ALL-Fect, and market-leading liposomal (Lipo 1/2) and polymeric reagents (Polymer and PEI-M). The ratios used to complex pGFP/mGFP with the reagents are in brackets. The results are summarized as mean GFP Fluorescence/cell after 2 days. See our Application Note here for more details.

siRNA Delivery in a Mouse Xenograft Model via In Vivo RNA-Fect

siRNA delivery into mouse Xenograft using RNA-Fect transfection reagent from RJH Biosciences

Subcutaneous MDA-231 tumors were established in nu/nu mouse. siRNAs formulated with In Vivo RNA-Fect were injected subcutaneously (left) and intraperitoneally (right), and tumor growth was assessed by external measurements.


All your transfection needs, provided by us!

In addition to providing transfection reagents, we also offer a screening service and other resources to identify optimal transfection reagents for polynucleotides of your choice. Our in-house screening services covers up to a 1000 transfection reagents and formulation conditions. We can help you determine which of our products can successfully transfect your cell of choice.

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