Applications of the RJH Platform

A delivery platform to turn

nucleic acids into therapeutic solutions

Our platform

lipopolymers for delivering nucleic acids into cells

Combinations of lipids and polymers for effective delivery of nucleic acids: optimized for size, composition, stability, and architecture.

Superior to current delivery vehicles

Mechanism of action

for lipopolymer-mediated nucleic acid delivery


for different applications

RJH vs lipofection delivery effectiveness

I. Different cell types

siRNA delivery RJH vs market product

II. Different nucleic acids

transfecting attachment-independent K562 cells with plasmid DNA and siRNA using ALLFect and a leading lipofection reagent.

A) GFP expression was induced with plasmid DNA and analyzed by flow cytometry 2 days after transfection.

B) Survivin silencing and resultant inhibition of cell growth with specific siRNA 3 days after transfection.

Efficacious delivery

in animal models

improved delivery with RJH products

I. Expression of reporter GFP gene in implants with pDNA

improving cranial defects with delivered plasmid SNA

II. Repair of bone (skull) defects with implantation of pDNA

Tumour size with different siRNA delivered with RJH product

III. Inhibition of tumor growth with siRNA injections

tumor size after siRNA delivery

IV. Inhibition of tumour growth with local mRNA injections

Weight of explanted breast cancer tumors (day 17) for nontreated (NT), GFP and TRAIL expressing mRNAs. * and ** indicate significant differences between TRAIL mRNA and mGFP and NT groups.

Superior delivery

of mRNA and pDNA in suspension cells

RJH vs market product transfection

I. pDNA (GFP) delivery

GFP expression in cells when delivered with RJH products compared to market products

II. mRNA (GFP) delivery

Effective modification of human PBMC with pDNA and mRNA

(numbers indicate optimal reagent: nucleic acid w/w ratio)


for aerosolized transfection

GFP expression in cells when delivered by aerosolized or non aerosolized delivery vehicles

GFP Expression with Aerosolized pDNA particles

K562 treated with aerosolized delivery vehicles

GFP Silencing with Aerosolized siRNA Particles

cells treated with different aerosol formulations

mRNA Delivery with Aerosolized mRNA Particles

Optimization and development

of reagents through screening services

screening of siRNA libraries

Screening siRNA libraries with RJH reagents for biomarker discovery

screening RJH formulations for different cell types

Screening for optimal delivery vehicles in different cell types

CAS9 delivery

for CRISPR activity

gene knowckout by CRISPR/cas9 delivered by RJH delivery vehicle

I. Transfection for efficient pDNA-based editing of target genes

CRISPR RNP levels in Jurkat and breast cancer cells

II. Improved delivery of Cas9/sgRNA RNP superior to leading lipofection reagent

RJH lipopolymers

are suitable for large scale production


of applications