March 2021 newsletter

Fall2020 Cohort at

Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator

Delivery Nucleic Acids for Research and Beyond

RJH Biosciences aims to provide the best transfection reagents for your experimental endeavors. We work closely with our customers and collaborators to ensure that their precious nucleic acid cargo is effectively transported into target cells, every time.

Our mission is to develop high quality reagents for treating diseases with nucleic acids. See below for some examples of our delivery reagents being used in cancer research. More information on our reagents can be found at our testimonials or application notes pages on our website

For a summary of our products and services check out or our company brochure!

Publication Alert

Use of RJH reagents in COVID-19 studies! “Suppression of Human Coronavirus 229E Infection in Lung Fibroblast Cells via RNA interference” by Aliabadi et al. (2021) published in Frontiers in Nanotechnology.

Breaking News

We have recently taken part in the Berkeley SkyDeck Virtual Demo Day.


Want to learn more abut immunotherapies and how this technology can be applied to blood cancers? Check out our recent blog post that covers the basics of immunotherapies and what role RJH reagents has in developing immunotherapies for treating blood cancers.

A New product for CRISPR/Cas9 RNP Delivery: Pre-evaluation Status

We are excited to announce our new product for RNP delivery CRISP-Fect! We are currently characterizing this transfection reagent in different cell types but the product is available for evaluation purposes. Please click on the following link for a sample and more information .

All your transfection needs, provided by us!

RJH Biosciences provides a variety of transfection reagents that are tailored for specific polynucleotide cargo and cell types. We offer a screening service and other resources to identify optimal transfection reagents for you specific experimental system. We can help you optimize your transfection conditions and ensure long term success!